A Guide to Outstanding Alternative Clinics

Dear Friend,

Can you believe an American doctor actually said, “In 21 days you can just about get rid of any cancer” — and then proved it?

Well she did.  I interviewed her myself.  What’s more, I talked to some of the patients whose lives she saved during the last 20 years.  I investigated her whole approach, and I can tell you…

There’s absolutely no doubt her cancer breakthrough has helped one “terminal” patient after another get rid of cancer.  I saw for myself.

What’s more, she did it with natural methods only — NO disfiguring surgery, NO burning radiation, and NO poisonous chemo.

And here’s what’s really scandalous…

You’ll never hear a word about her cancer breakthrough
unless you know an insider

That’s right:  If you’ve EVER heard about her amazing cancer cures — and I bet you haven’t — then you heard it through the grapevine.

In fact, one doctor practically whispered to a woman with breast cancer, “I can’t legally tell you this, but cancer responds well to holistic treatment.”  He discreetly referred his patient to the very doctor I’m talking about.  And the woman totally got rid of her breast cancer.

It’s a fact: alternative cancer doctors are so fiercely persecuted in America, the clinic I’m telling you about can’t legally advertise.  They have to rely on word of mouth.

I realize what I’m telling you is hard to believe. I don’t blame you for being skeptical. Give me 10 minutes, and I’ll prove to you that this is on the level.

Let me introduce myself to you. I'm Frank Cousineau, the president of two nonprofit organizations devoted to battling cancer. I’m involved in the fight against cancer because my mother died an early death from cancer. So if one of your loved ones is struggling with cancer right now, I know exactly how you feel. The views I’m expressing here are my own and not necessarily those of the two nonprofit groups.

I can legally tell you what the doctors can’t tell you because I’m not a doctor. I have a First Amendment right to report what others have told me.

“Hopeless” cancer victim fired her doctors
and healed herself

In 1971 Renee, a Midwestern college student, got the bad news that she had breast cancer. She went under the knife, and a surgeon removed both breasts.

But that was only the start of her cancer nightmare. Renee underwent 15 surgeries including a hysterectomy, a thyroidectomy, and an unsuccessful bone marrow transplant. Then in 1985 her doctors told her two more drastic surgeries would give her the potential to live another six months: a leg amputation and a liver transplant.

She said no to these surgeries because she discovered the secret of healing cancer using natural methods — the very same natural methods she now uses to clear up most cancers in about 21 days! 

That’s right. She flushed all of her prescription drugs down the toilet, fired her doctors, and healed herself! Not only that: she went on to become a doctor herself — and to share her amazing secret with others.

And, by the way, when I talked to her she still had both her legs and her original liver.

Bone cancer: Defeated!

In 2002, Jim M., a 70-year-old retired carpenter from Chicago, got the bad news: he had bone cancer from head to toe. He was losing weight and sinking fast. He had ugly tumors on his forehead and on his inner thigh near his knee and other tumors as well.

Jim refused chemotherapy and instead got holistic treatment from Dr. Renee. As the holistic treatments began shrinking the octopus-like tumor on his leg, he could feel its tentacles pulling loose from his groin to his ankle.

Believe it or not, one day when he was at home, the tumor just came out of his leg. It was the size of his fist. This left a hole in his leg “big enough to drop a jumbo egg into,” says Jim. But within a few days – without surgery – the hole closed up. Incredible as it sounds, the skin came back together and healed naturally, leaving a fresh new layer of skin.

I met Jim myself, and I know this is the truth.

The same thing happened to the ugly tumor on Jim’s forehead. It came out and healed up naturally. Today — five years later — Jim’s weight is ideal, and he remains cancer-free.

In my new Special Report Cancer Breakthrough USA! The little-known American clinics that turn around even “hopeless” cancer, I describe Dr. Renee’s clinic and six other alternative clinics in detail — plus information about nine more excellent clinics spread throughout America.

Brain cancers: Defeated!

One day in 2002, Kris S., a 36-year-old Midwestern woman, was diagnosed with a nasty, deadly form of brain cancer. She underwent surgery, but the next year the cancer came back. Doctors told her chemo would buy her some time.

Kris’s husband wasn’t satisfied about what the doctors were saying. He began looking for an alternative. He found out about Dr. Renee’s clinic.

In 2003, Kris first saw Dr. Renee, who gave her the good, the bad, and the ugly. Kris says it was mostly ugly because her cancer was severe. Dr. Renee told her if she followed the program, she’d live. But she’d have to do the work.

Kris decided to go off all prescription drugs, even anti-seizure medications. Instead, she went on nutritional supplements, radically changed her diet, and did the recommended cleanses. Today, Kris says, “Everything Dr. Renee told me would happen, happened. It’s a miracle I’m alive.”

I also interviewed another brain cancer patient at Dr. Renee’s clinic, Stewart D., a 57-year-old executive with a foundry. Not only did he get rid of his cancer, but he also lost over 30 unwanted pounds — an unexpected benefit!

Even Stewart’s radiation oncologist has shown an interest in Dr. Renee’s amazing program of natural healing. He told Stewart, “They never taught us any of this in medical school.” But his chemotherapy doctor takes a different view: he’s miffed that Stewart so stubbornly refuses to undergo the next round of chemo.

Ovarian cancer with metastasis to the liver: Defeated!

Eve W., a nurse from Wisconsin, found out she had advanced ovarian cancer in May, 2004. She refused surgery, radiation, and chemo because she had seen too many cancer patients die from these conventional treatments.

Instead, Eve went to Dr. Renee’s clinic and got rid of her cancer with natural methods. When Dr. Renee told her the cancer was gone, Eve wanted even more proof. So she went back to her doctors for conventional testing. When the test came back, it proved she was indeed free of cancer.

Upon reviewing her amazing recovery, one of Eve’s doctors remarked, “I don’t know how to treat you with diet. We weren’t taught that in medical school.”

“Terminal” breast cancer: Defeated!

In April of 2004, Judy M., a Midwestern high school economics teacher, learned the bad news. She had an aggressive form of breast cancer, and doctors gave her six months to live.

Dr. Renee told Judy, “Give me three months, and I’ll prove you don’t need chemo.” She indeed proved it.

But when Judy told her radiologist she was canceling her radiation treatments, his face turned red as a beet with rage. He blew his stack! He chewed Judy out. He yelled and screamed, basically calling her an idiot. And he warned her she’d be dead in “a couple of months” if she didn’t get on the radiation table right away.

Judy walked out on him

And she’s still alive and well today. Yes, she remains cancer free.

Incidentally, one of Judy’s friends came down with a similar case of breast cancer but chose conventional treatment. Her friend’s medical bill totaled six figures. Judy’s bill was less than $10,000.

In my new Special Report Cancer Breakthrough USA! The little-known American clinics that turn around even “hopeless” cancer, I describe Dr. Renee’s clinic and six other alternative clinics in detail — plus information about nine more excellent clinics spread throughout America.

It costs $350,000 to die of cancer in America today

By the time you add up the costs of surgery, radiation, chemo, hospitalization, hospice care, etc., it costs about $350,000 to die of cancer in America. Of course, the conventional treatments might work. As Julian Whitaker, M.D., told me, radiation and chemotherapy are “dangerous placebos.” And placebos sometimes work.

By contrast, the alternative clinics I reveal in Cancer Breakthrough USA! charge about $10,000-$20,000 to help cancer patients. So when someone with cancer chooses one of these alternative clinics, that means conventional doctors and hospitals lose out on $350,000.

That’s right. It’s mostly about money. That’s why we have so little health freedom in America.  When a big drug company or the AMA calls your Congressman, you can bet he picks up the phone right away.

The surgery risk you don’t know about

Here’s something else you need to know if you’re considering an operation:  Surgery is up to two or three times as risky for cancer patients as surgery on the same body part is for non-cancer patients.  Fact.

The average doctor in America recommends surgery, radiation, and chemo because he doesn’t know about the alternatives. American medical schools don’t teach about alternatives because they’re locked into teaching what they’ve always taught: that drugs are the remedy for practically every medical problem, especially cancer.

Drugs. Drugs. Drugs.

Conspiracy between the FDA and the drug companies
to hide the truth from you?

No wonder a lot of alternative health experts suspect the FDA conspires with the pharmaceutical giants to hide the truth not just from the American public but also from American doctors. The FDA and the drug companies have been in bed together for years.

These people call alternative treatments quackery. The fact is they’ve never published a paper on nutrition or done any research on alternatives at all.  They just “know” it doesn’t work.

Well, I’ve had it with all the slick advertising about the newest drugs. That’s why I’m going to spill the beans. I’m going to tell you what the FDA and money-hungry corporations don’t want you to know. And if the drug companies and the FDA don’t like it, that’s tough.

Other amazing clinics that turn around even “hopeless” cancers

Let me tell you about an amazing clinic in California that has equally impressive success with stubborn cases of cancer. The course of treatment at the California clinic typically lasts about three weeks. That’s about how long it takes to get rid most cancers. In less severe cases, two weeks of treatment might be enough. In a severe case, an extra week of treatment might be necessary.

Stage four colon cancer: Defeated!

In 2000, Robert was suffering from stage four colon cancer, meaning that the cancer had spread elsewhere. Robert’s doctors in Australia gave him no more than two or three months to live. Instead of accepting this death sentence, Robert flew to California to be treated by the amazing doctor who runs the alternative clinic.

This man’s colon cancer had spread to the kidneys, liver, bladder, and even the lungs. He was in terrible shape. He had lost a lot of weight. And he had severe fatigue and jaundice. Furthermore, he couldn’t go for any more conventional treatments because he had maxed out on all the chemotherapies.

Using only natural treatments, Robert, who had been given just three months to live, became healthy. He went back to Australia to enjoy life — especially golf, his favorite hobby.

In my new Special Report Cancer Breakthrough USA! The little-known American clinics that turn around even “hopeless” cancer, I describe this clinic and six other alternative clinics in detail — plus information about nine more excellent clinics spread throughout America.

Deadliest lung cancer: Defeated!

A farmer from Connecticut with one of the deadliest cancers of the lung came to the California alternative clinic.

Conventional medicine offered no treatments for this kind of cancer — no chemo, no radiation, nothing — because it’s not sensitive to anything. So the only thing that helped him was the natural, non-toxic treatments.

 Following the natural treatment, his CAT scans proved he was cancer-free. The tumor was gone. He did so well that he went back home and went back to work. Three years passed. It’s unheard of for anyone to survive this kind of lung cancer for three years! His lung cancer never did come back.

Malignant melanoma: Defeated!

An opera singer from Texas named Bernadette was diagnosed with malignant melanoma, a deadly cancer of the skin. She went to the California alternative clinic. The doctor gave her a food plan, helped her detoxify, and gave her other natural therapies.

Melanoma is a disease that spreads quickly. But it didn’t spread anywhere in her body because the natural treatment brought the cancer to a screeching halt. She recovered from her melanoma through non-chemical, totally natural remedies. Her melanoma has never come back, which her oncologist confirmed. She’s in total remission with her melanoma.

Today Bernadette says, “I have never felt this good in my life. I’m going to school, and I’m right now doing everything myself. But I have so much energy, and I’m doing so much better.” She’s now studying to become a holistic doctor.

In my new Special Report Cancer Breakthrough USA! The little-known American clinics that turn around even “hopeless” cancer, I describe this clinic and six other alternative clinics in detail — plus information about nine more excellent clinics spread throughout America.

Former skeptic validates new cancer breakthrough

Now let me tell you about another amazing doctor who discovered a natural healing technique every cancer patient should use. Why? Because a study by a Stanford University doctor has proven that it almost doubles cancer patients’ survival time – even if they use conventional therapy!

Furthermore, this Stanford doctor was a total skeptic. His aim was to disprove the new healing technique. He was shocked when his study actually proved it! And it shocked the medical world when it appeared in a prestigious medical journal (Lancet 1989; 2: 8668: 888-91).

Here’s what happened. All of the patients in this study were undergoing conventional cancer treatment. Half of them (the control group) received no other therapy. Those in the other group received a non-toxic therapy in addition to the conventional treatment.

Within 48 months, all of the cancer patients in the control group were dead, but one third of those in the other group were still alive. Those in the control group survived an average of 19 months, while those in the other group survived 36 months.

In fact, this study proves that even if you choose the conventional cancer treatment (surgery, radiation, chemo), you can increase your odds of survival just by adding this one non-toxic therapy.

Severe throat cancer: Defeated!

In 1971 Jim M. was 61. He had advanced throat cancer. Doctors had given him “three months to live.” But fortunately he met Dr. Carl, the young doctor who pioneered the new method that was later proven by the skeptical Stanford doctor. This method turned Jim’s “terminal” cancer completely around.

Best of all, this method required no drugs, no vitamins or supplements, and no “treatments” of any kind. Yet the method allowed Jim to tap into his body’s healing mechanisms, which turned the cancer around!

Let me give you another example:

“End stage” abdominal cancer: Defeated!

In 1974 another “hopeless” cancer patient, Bob G., a 39-year-old man from Houston, was at the end stage of his cancer. His cancer had spread throughout his abdomen. The chemo wasn’t working and was giving him terrible side effects.

Bob had heard about Dr. Carl’s new method, and it seemed to be his only hope. He spent three days in Ft. Worth, learning Dr. Carl’s method. In just six weeks he went from extensive disease to no evidence of disease! He’s remained free of disease to this day.

Need more proof?  Keep reading!

Breast/lung cancer: Defeated!

Five years ago, a woman who’d had two bouts with breast cancer came to see Dr. Carl with advanced, deadly lung cancer. Using his method, she was able to go through radiation and chemo with no significant side effects. She’s been free of cancer for five years and is thriving.

The celebrated TV journalist Peter Jennings wasn’t able to whip his lung cancer, despite all his money. But Dr. Carl says, “It’s not a matter of money. You have to tap into your body’s healing process.”

Best of all, you don’t even have to travel to Dr. Carl’s clinic to learn his method. You can order an inexpensive package of information and apply his proven method at home.

Statistical proof: Brain cancer defeated!

Investigators from the National Cancer Institute have verified the success of a Texas clinic that specializes in alternative cancer therapy.

The investigators examined the medical records of seven terminally ill brain cancer patients. They concluded that the alternative treatment caused a complete or partial remission in every case. And the results were published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, which you can look up in any medical library (JNCI, 1992; 84: 22, 1701).

 In my new Special Report Cancer Breakthrough USA: The little-known American clinics that turn around even ‘hopeless’ cancer I give the contact information for Dr. Carl’s clinic and 15 other holistic clinics.

“But can every cancer patient be saved?”

You may be wondering whether every cancer patient can be saved. I’m not going to claim that because it wouldn’t be honest. I want to give you a bright ray of hope, but not false hope.

Obviously if a cancer victim is 10 minutes away from death, it’s too late.

But even if it’s too late, alternative cancer treatments often enable patients to go off their pain medications and enjoy life during their final days.

For example, one man with pancreatic cancer waited too long to see Dr. Jim, a remarkable alternative doctor in California. But this man’s 37-year-old niece Elizabeth knew he was pleased with Dr. Jim’s treatment. So when she came down with deadly ovarian cancer in 1977, she went to Dr. Jim without hesitation. And he helped her get rid of that cancer using vitamins and a healthy eating plan.

Dr. Jim is known as “the vitamin doctor.” He has the common sense and healing touch of a country doctor.

Dr. Jim’s clinic and the other alternative clinics I recommend have an impressive record of routinely saving patients conventional doctors had given up on — even those given just months or weeks to live.

“You must have an abortion right away!”
Six doctors told this cancer patient

Let me tell you about an amazing clinic that uses a complementary approach: alternative and conventional medicine. This clinic is perfect for those who want “the best of both worlds.”

Lynette B. was pregnant and 34 when she discovered she had a vicious form of breast cancer that had spread to her lymph nodes. A doctor told her that her cancer was “estrogen-responsive” and that the hormones of pregnancy would feed the disease. What’s more, he said the chemotherapy would hurt the baby.

This doctor was one of six who insisted that she have an abortion — no ifs, ands, or buts. Otherwise they said the cancer would be fatal. But Lynette didn’t want an abortion. When she realized none of her doctors were going to let her be a partner in her care, just a bystander, she looked for an alternative.

She found a holistic clinic that put her desires at the center of her treatment plan. Saving Lynette and her baby required a difficult balancing act. The clinic used a combination of alternative and conventional treatments to save both.

A few months later, Lynnette was breastfeeding her healthy baby boy. And today he’s almost nine years old! Mommy’s still alive too!

In my new Special Report Cancer Breakthrough USA: The little-known American clinics that turn around even ‘hopeless’ cancer I give the contact information for this clinic and 15 other holistic clinics.

How to give cancer a wake-up call that the jig is up

Several of the great doctors featured in my new Special Report use hyperbaric oxygen therapy to give cancer a wake-up call letting it know the jig is up. Why? Because cancer hates oxygen and can’t survive in a high oxygen environment.

In fact, one of the doctors operates four hyperbaric oxygen chambers at his state-of-the-art clinic. He says, “Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for terminally ill cancer patients is lifesaving. It gives the body a blast of fresh air. It pumps massive amounts of oxygen into the brain. It gives you eight to nine times the oxygen you normally breathe.”

How effective is hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

Well, a desperate patient with “terminal” lung cancer came to this doctor’s office, pulling his little cart with his portable oxygen tank. He had an oxygen mask on his face and was huffing and puffing. His face was red, and his capillaries were dilated.

The doctor asked him, “What’s the problem?”

The man replied, “They say I’ve got cancer. It’s in my lungs. They won’t operate because if they take out any more of my lung, I’ll die. And if they give me radiation, that’ll kill my lung, and that’ll kill me. And chemo won’t work on it. So I’ve come to you to see what you can do. They gave me about a month to six weeks to live. Can you help me?”

The doctor replied, “I don’t know. I’ll try.”

He put the patient on a vegetarian diet, but the man wouldn’t follow it. So the doctor put him on hyperbaric oxygen therapy plus another natural therapy. Instead of dying within four to six weeks as his doctors had predicted, he lived for another two years. Then he died of an aneurism.

In the chapter about this amazing doctor, you’ll discover:

  • How cancer patients who’ve lost their appetite can get it back within a day or two without drugs
  • Culprit exposed! How yeast and fungus are linked to cancer, and how to get rid of these pesky invaders
  • When a sinus infection can signal something more serious — such as cancer
  • An easy way to find out in seconds if you have an undetected sinus infection — and why you MUST bring it under control
  • Surprising but true: Coffee is proven in the medical literature to kill cancer! But not if you drink it – only if you use it this other way
  • How this doctor plans to live to the age of 120 (Hint: He’s using a cutting-edge therapy offered by few clinics)

In my new Special Report Cancer Breakthrough USA: The little-known American clinics that turn around even ‘hopeless’ cancer I give the contact information for this clinic and 15 other holistic clinics.

What about the Mexican cancer clinics?

I wrote a best-selling Special Report called Cancer Defeated! about Mexico’s outstanding alternative cancer clinics.  But a lot of readers asked me, “Aren’t there any good cancer clinics in America?” 

This new Special Report is my answer to their request. YES, there are some excellent American alternative cancer clinics.  Unfortunately it’s just about impossible to find an American clinic that will give you certain treatments I believe are effective such as Laetrile and intravenous DMSO.  That’s because these treatments are generally considered illegal in America. To get these treatments you’d have to go to Mexico. But as I’ve shown you, the top American clinics achieve incredible results, and you can go to them with full confidence

An unmentionable cause of cancer: parasites eating us alive

Shocking as it may sound, many Americans carry parasites, such as the common roundworm, hookworm, whipworm, pinworm, heartworm, or microscopic parasites. They’re unbelievably easy to pick up.

You can get parasites from food or water, from mosquitoes, or through the nose or skin. Some parasites are easily visible with the naked eye; others are microscopic.

The Discovery Channel documented these horrors in its DVD “Parasites: Eating Us Alive.” This documentary says that parasites “appear to be indomitable. And they are eating us alive.” And it says that one of every two people has parasitic worms!

Unfortunately, the parasites make themselves at home after entering us. They eat our tissue or drink our body fluids. And parasites, too, have to eliminate their waste, so they excrete substances that poison our bodies. Many alternative cancer experts insist these poisons can cause cancer.

How to tell if you might have parasites

Do you have one or more of these telltale signs of human parasite infestation?

  • low energy
  • itchy ears, nose, or anus
  • memory lapses
  • bloating and gas
  • brain fog
  • back pain, shoulder pain, or thigh pain
  • rapid heartbeat
  • eating a lot without satisfying hunger
  • numbness in the hands
  • burning in the pit of your stomach
  • drooling during sleep
  • grinding teeth during sleep 

If you have one or more of these signs, you might have parasites.

Parasites that enter the colon through our food or water can then migrate to the various organs of the body and into the blood. Getting rid of parasites isn’t a simple matter. It takes about three months because of the parasites’ reproductive cycle.

In my new Special Report Cancer Breakthrough USA: The little-known American clinics that turn around even ‘hopeless’ cancer, you’ll discover the absolute best and most reliable way to be sure you’re free of ALL parasites.

Why I’ll never stop fighting cancer

My mother’s death from cancer was a turning point in my life. It inspired me to embark on a quest to find out if something could have been done to save her life. Even though my mother was gone, I didn’t want to see any more loved ones needlessly die an early death from cancer.

I don’t want you or any of your loved ones to have to undergo the drastic surgery and poisonous chemo my mother underwent — all to no avail.

When my mother got uterine cancer in 1956, the doctors recommended a pan-hysterectomy. In other words, they wanted to cut out her uterus and both ovaries. She underwent the operation, and the doctors pronounced it a success. But the cancer snuck back in 1966, reappearing as colon cancer.

Medical stubbornness in America is killing patients every day,
just as it killed my mother

Again the doctors recommended drastic surgery, so she had a large portion of her colon cut out. She was never the same after that.

In 1973 her colon cancer once again reared its ugly head. This time the doctors recommended a harsh regimen of chemo that’s still in common use today. The chemo didn’t just make my mother vomit. It made her retch so violently she never wanted to take another round of that chemo again. And she didn’t. She slid downhill and needlessly died an early death.

In the three decades since my mother’s death, I’ve devoted my life to helping people find alternative cancer treatment options. I’m passionate about helping people defeat cancer.

Why are America’s top cancer doctors persecuted?

Like medical pioneers through the ages, America’s alternative cancer doctors are often persecuted. For example:

  • An alternative cancer doctor in California was arrested in the middle of the night and hauled off to jail.  He was later found guilty and sentenced to a road gang like something out of Cool Hand Luke!  This guy is practicing medicine again and for my money he’s one of the best alternative doctors in the United States.
  • Another California doctor was hauled before the Medical Board for using substances not listed in the Physicians’ Desk Reference (PDR). His “infraction” was using nutritional supplements instead of prescribing drugs. He successfully defended himself from this hassle.
  • Government goons burst into the office of a Wisconsin doctor to confiscate her special $20,000  microscope. She had been under the watchful eye of the government for helping people get rid of their cancers using natural methods. She fought the confiscation and narrowly won.
  • America’s most famous holistic doctor, Julian Whitaker, M.D., the founder of the Whitaker Wellness Institute in Newport Beach, California, doesn’t accept cancer patients because he doesn’t want to practice medicine with a bull’s-eye painted on his back. Instead, he refers cancer patients to a holistic doctor at another clinic.

I give the contact information for these doctors and clinics in my new Special Report...

Why are so many needlessly dying of cancer?

Based on what I know, I believe with all my heart that many cancer victims written off as “hopeless” could have been saved! It’s tragic to see pictures of young women or middle-aged women in the obituary column. More often than not the obituaries say the women died after a struggle with breast cancer.

But it’s not just women who are needlessly dying from cancer. Men are dying from prostate cancer and other forms of cancer – sometimes undergoing drastic, painful, and unnecessary medical treatments. I feel so sad and so helpless when I look at pictures of those who needlessly died an early death from cancer. I wish I could have told each one of them about the treatment options available in America’s alternative clinics.

That’s why I want to shout my message about health alternatives from the housetops.

I know you’ll love my new Special Report. A respected colleague told me, “I couldn't help reading the whole thing — even when I had other work to do. It’s well written and compelling. I learned a lot.”

Don’t be surprised if you can’t put it down.

My iron-clad, no-strings, eight-week money-back guarantee

When you order Cancer Breakthrough USA, you have a full eight weeks to read it, ponder it, and evaluate it. You MUST be delighted with it, and I’m confident you will be. You MUST feel my Special Report is an outstanding investment in your health and the health of your loved ones.

If you don’t agree, simply ask for a refund within eight weeks, and I’ll give you a cheerful and prompt 100 percent refund of every penny of the full purchase price. No questions asked.

And you get to keep the report. You don’t have to return it. Well, as a practical matter you can’t really return an e-book. But I believe you’re a fair-minded person like I am. I trust you.

How can I afford to offer an unconditional eight-week guarantee? I’m confident you’ll be delighted with this investment in your health. I want you to feel comfortable when you take me up on this offer.

That’s why I take ALL of the risk on my shoulders.

In Cancer Breakthrough USA I give much more detail about America’s finest alternative clinics and contact information for over a dozen of the most outstanding clinics – including addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and website addresses.

Let me summarize what you’ll get when you order Cancer Breakthrough USA: The little-known American clinics that turn around even ‘hopeless’ cancer:

  • Contact information for 16 outstanding American clinics scattered throughout the country, including phone numbers, websites, and e-mail addresses.
  • Information about the most effective non-toxic cancer treatment options in America
  • More encouraging stories about “hopeless” cancer patients who whipped their cancer using natural, non-toxic methods
  • The title and author of the book that saved Dr. Renee’s life. This is the book that inspired her to flush her prescription drugs down the toilet and heal herself of cancer. This book could change your life, too.
  • Details about a healthy eating plan for those seeking better health
  • The absolute best and most reliable way to make sure you’re free of ALL parasites.
  • An interview about cancer with America’s most famous holistic doctor, Julian Whitaker, M.D., the founder of the Whitaker Wellness Institute
  • A discount on my clinic information services, if you want more help to find the right clinic for you.

And don’t forget, the alternative cancer treatments I feature in my Special Report cost a fraction of conventional treatments, and have no side effects.

Sooner or later you or a loved one
will need the life-saving information I’m offering

That’s because one of every two American men will get cancer, and one of every three women. That’s why you need to have Cancer Breakthrough USA on hand. You’ll be able to help yourself and any friend or relative who hears a doctor say those terrifying words, “You have cancer.”

With my report, you’ll be able to offer your loved one a most precious gift: the gift of hope and health. And you might need the information for yourself someday. So order now and don’t put it off.  Don’t risk forgetting about it or becoming too busy.

When a doctor tells you or someone you love “it’s cancer,” they usually put you under intense pressure to go under the knife or start chemo right away.  Sometimes they won’t even let you leave their office without signing the consent forms.

Don’t let that happen to you or someone you love.  Be ready.

You’ll be in a panic without information on your alternatives — unless you’ve got my Special Report Cancer Breakthrough USA on hand!

This information could literally save your life.

With kindest regards,

Frank Cousineau

P.S. There’s so much less to fear from cancer than you probably think. Why wait until you or someone you love is diagnosed and doctors are trying to rush you onto the operating table? Find out about your options now, and be ready. My new Special Report Cancer Breakthrough USA: The little-known American clinics that turn around even ‘hopeless’ cancer will set your mind at ease, even if you don’t need treatment now.